Scholarships & Awards


The North Texas Area Gerontology Society (NTAGS) believes in supporting advanced education for professionals dedicated to enhancing graceful aging, through scholarship and mentoring opportunities. With this belief, NTAGS will award scholarships for current high school seniors and students in post-secondary education accepted into a course of study or with a major/program of study leading to a career serving the geriatric population. Full time and part time enrollment in a post-secondary schools and training programs will be considered. The number of scholarships and award value(s) are to be determined by the NTAGS Scholarship Committee and Board. Payment of the scholarship will be made directly to the Registrar Office of the university, college, or certificate program of the recipient prior to the following fall semester. Awards greater than $1,000 may be divided over two or more semesters, at NTAGS’ discretion.


  • Residing/attending post-secondary education in, and plan to serve the populations of Texas in Grayson, Fannin, Collin, Denton, or Hunt Counties.
  • Current high school or college GPA at or above 2.75 on a 4-point scale.
  • Majors of all areas of study will be considered, if it reasonable to believe that the candidate’s studies will lead to a career serving or as a resource for the geriatric community. Supporting information should be included in the essay portion of the application.

Completed applications are to be submitted via email to

Scholarship Application

Strong Heart Professional Caregiver Award

The North Texas Area Gerontological Society (NTAGS) believes that professional caregivers who demonstrate above and beyond commitment to promoting and preserving quality of life for elderly, disabled and vulnerable adults deserve appreciation and recognition. The NTAGS Strong Heart Professional Caregiver Awards recognizes direct-care professional caregivers employed either

  1. in a facility (hospital, skill nursing, rehabilitation, assisted living, etc.) or
  2. in a private-care environment (home health, home care, hospice, etc.)

who have provided exceptional care and service to an adult or adults who are elderly, disabled or otherwise vulnerable.

Eligibility & Selection of Candidates

The members of the North Texas Area Gerontological Society (NTAGS) will evaluate nominees for the awards in each category (facility and private-care) and select finalists and winners using basic criteria outlined below.

  1. The nominees shall be employed by an individual, agency or organization as a direct caregiver (personal care, nursing, etc.) to an adult or adults who are elderly, disabled or otherwise vulnerable.
  2. The nominee must have been employed by the nominating agency or individual for a minimum of 12 consecutive months.
  3. The caregiver must have worked an average of at least 15 hours per week (780 hours/year) during the prior 12 months.
  4. The nominee must have demonstrated a commitment to serving vulnerable adults.
  5. The nominee must have given care and service beyond the scope of their job description.

Completed applications are to be submitted via email to

Award Application